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As a freelancer or small business owner, do you ever wish you could turn uncomfortable conversations with potential clients into raving fans that love your work and can’t wait to hire you for more? 



As a member, you get 24/7 access to 'The HUB,' a resource center that provides specific examples showing you how to handle, overcome, and manage the most challenging client situations so that you can:

1. Keep Your Clients Longer (larger profits)

2. Keep Your Clients Happier (more referrals)

3. And Most Importantly... Improve YOUR Quality of Life (more happiness & fulfillment)


No, that's not it!

Every month, you'll also get an invitation to a LIVE Training where I'll speak with you directly, answer your questions, and show you how to handle client challenges you're currently struggling with.

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A recent Forbes article suggests it still takes 5X the amount of $$$$ to get a new client compared to keeping a current one.

Saving just ONE client will pay for this membership ten times over. On top of that, you won’t have to work so hard to get new customers because your existing clients will stay longer, spend more, spend more often, AND… they’ll do your sales for you by referring all their friends.

This membership is for you if:

  • You struggle with demanding clients and don’t know how to handle sticky situations.
  • Your clients constantly ask for more than they pay for.
  • Your clients complain about reasonable timelines.
  • You aren’t sure how to respond to clients demanding revision after revision.
  • You wish you could keep clients longer so that you’re not always hunting for new ones.
  • You want to truly enjoy what you do again instead of being exhausted by client interactions.
  • Managing client expectations seems impossible.
  • Navigating uncomfortable client conversations makes you feel like you’re always about to lose a good, well-paying client.

This membership is perfect for you if you’re an agency owner, entrepreneur, solopreneur, or freelancer who provides services to clients.

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Why You Can’t Live Without David Brownlee’s Expertise

David Brownlee is the world’s most viewed customer success expert in the world. He is a number one, best-selling author, speaker, and coach. He has trained over 1 million individuals and businesses through his online courses, live events, coaching programs, and consulting services around the world. His clients include from small businesses to Fortune 500 Companies across many different industries. From Google and LinkedIn in the tech world to Amazon and Walmart. Lifestyle brands like Harley-Davidson and Oakley have also hired David. He’s also one of the top LinkedIn Learning Instructors with over 100k students on the platform.

David’s now taking decades of experience working with Fortune 500 companies and offering it to “the little guys and gals,” people who are entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, or small businesses where EVERY SINGLE CLIENT COUNTS.

David started his successful career working in the corporate sector for a Fortune 100 company and evolved into being a passionate entrepreneur. He’s started and sold businesses from the entertainment industry to restaurants and self-care.

In 2008, David and his wife were kidnapped at gunpoint and David was stabbed and beaten. Fortunately, David’s wife was unharmed, and David made a full recovery. There was a gift in this horrifying experience though. When, staring death in the face, David wondered if he had done enough to help others in his life, love enough, and make a difference, he realized he could do more. This event molded David’s “why” and life purpose: to help others succeed, in business and in life.

David’s passion and enthusiasm are palpably obvious and set him wildly apart from other authors, speakers, coaches, and consultants. The energy he brings to every event and course, the authentic engagement he creates, and his world-class content offers those willing to listen insights that are often contrary to what we’ve been taught.

He is originally from Westlake Village, California but currently lives in San Diego, California with his wife and two children. He splits his time between living in the U.S. and Italy. He is fluent in Italian and Spanish and has spoken around the world for numerous organizations.

When home, David is passionate about his family, motorcycles, skiing, and forever learning.

Here’s a quick few tips to introduce you to David’s flavor and deep knowledge in the client services industry:

 What people say about David ...


“Amazing coach!!! I loved this course, I found it very motivating!” 
- Maria Jose Canas

“As I am moving into a leadership role, I can honestly say, I have heard some ideas that will be helpful to me.” 
- Amie Donald

“I love the wisdom and enthusiasm for this series. I look forward to more of David’s courses. ” 
- Chelsea Seiller

“He is engaging, makes you understand, and doesn't go too fast.” 
- Rae Bruno

“Great course. David was very clear and skilled.” 
- Samuel Eyassu


“That was such a nice course! Thank you, David! I have learned a lot and cannot wait to put this into practice.” 
- Sabrina Quermia-Claes

“David’s a very professional coach and this is a very motivational course! 100% recommendable!” 
- Maria Jose Canas

“Really helpful for someone who is not in sales, but is in a position to still "sell" to clients. As a consultant, this was very informative and the examples were really effective. David is passionate and friendly. I'm looking forward to more courses taught by him. ” 
- Lindsay Pineda

“It was a great experience. I loved it!” 
- Arnold Murimbechi

“Clear concise instructions. This course is taking all the bits and pieces from other trainings and putting them all together in one place.” 
- Tracey L Battle


“Excellent course material.”
- Arun Sebastian Abey

“Some very interesting information on marketing skills for beginners” 
- Sarah Bradley

“The Marketing course is great. Easy to follow and understand.” 
- Chelsea Seiller

“An excellent and informative course!! ” 
- Nadine Grandison-Mills

“David's energy and passion for the subject truly enhances the learning experience!” 
- Varun Perera

- Marinda Smit


“David Brownlee is a wonderful, positive presenter with a wealth of knowledge. This was the first of his courses that I've encountered, and I will be back for more.”

“David was amazing. He has a big smile on his face. He makes me want to see more videos of him.


“David is very easy to listen to and relays it in a very smooth easy to understand presentation.”

“I really liked Mr. Brownlee's presentation. His manner was very engaging and his enthusiasm evident. Unfortunately, more places of business need this type of knowledge more and more often. Mr. Brownlee has given us a place to start and a feeling of hope that these types of situations do not have to feel hopeless.”


“The course was excellent, David was energetic, had excellent knowledge, and was able to deliver it in a clear, concise, and joyous manner. The course provided valuable real-life examples that I could easily apply in becoming the best customer service associate.”
“David is very animated, energetic, informative, and an excellent speaker.”

When You Sign Up
Every Month, You’ll Get Access To:

  • Two hours of LIVE customer service and business training! (LIVE calls are on the last Tuesday of the month @ 6pm PST)
  • Access to ALL past, present, & future call replays. (Replays are sent to you and are saved in The HUB, a repository of David’s best training sessions) so you can reference the lessons again and again!)
  • Regular content drops, upgrades, and updates To ‘The HUB’ with answers and solutions to your most challenging client issues.
  • FREE BONUS: Access to hours of world-class customer service, leadership, marketing, and sales videos that will show you how to turn customer success into the biggest driver of new business—these training sessions have over 2 MILLION views! (Can you say referrals!)
  • FREE BONUS: Access David’s new book ‘Customer Service Success: The 6 Keys To Deliver A World Class Experience’

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Get FREE Access To My Most Popular Trainings On Customer Service, Leadership, Marketing, and Sales
These Videos Will Show You How To Turn Customer Success Into Your Biggest Driver Of New Business And Have Been Watched By Over 2 MILLION Professionals Like You!



Why People Get So Excited About This Content...

“What a unique pleasure it is to watch David do his thing.  It's exceptionally hard to keep people's attention, even in a short five-minute video lesson.  And yet, from the moment you start to hear David speak, you're hooked.  His energy, enthusiasm, and true passion for helping people comes through immediately and you can't help but get locked in to his observations...and what he's going to say next.  If you haven't watched David in action, do yourself a favor and do so!”


LinkedIn Corporation - Sunnyvale, CA

We sincerely appreciate the tremendous training that you delivered! The feedback has been great so far as our reps really appreciated this opportunity.  We are confident you have given us a training that can help us take things "the extra two millimeters" we need to truly deliver great service on a consistent basis.

Update:  The latest CSOKI NPS scores were just released and guess who's back on top???  G to the C!!!!!  The proof is in!   Nobody "serves" better than the GC!!!!  So proud of your efforts team!  Keep on providing that P-U-R-E-C-S!


Verizon Wireless

“Rockstar Customer Service is a proven, real-world system on how to provide excellent customer service, and nobody does it better than David.”


CEO/Founder, SpinGym and Celebrity TV Host

Topics & Resources You’ll Get Access To With This Membership: 

  • How to handle abusive customers
  • How to respond to difficult client situations
  • How to turn a lukewarm client into a raving fan
  • How to keep clients longer without losing your mind
  • How to get and stay in control of the relationships with your clients
  • Roleplay examples of how you can handle uncomfortable situations
  • Live Q&A sessions where you can ask David how to handle your specific client services problems
  • Rockstar Profit Topics Include: Customer Service, Leadership, Sales, Marketing

24/7 Access to an Amazing Community Struggling with the Same Client Service Issues

You also get 24/7 access to resources that will show you how to handle sticky & challenging client situations in a way that allows you to keep your clients longer and happier so your business can enjoy rockstar profits and YOU can enjoy a rockstar life in the process.

What Happens When I Enroll?

You will immediately receive your LOGIN information to the Spirit Driven Success Community.
Inside, you will receive a Bonus Course Called Rockstar Customer Service ($397 Value). You'll immediately watch that course to see how much growth your business can experience when you build a strong foundation with your newfound client service tools.
**You will also receive access to our exclusive zoom link for the last Tuesday of the month when we go live!**" There's an extra "what" in there. It should say "how much growth your business can experience.

What’s the Cost?

You get access to thousands of dollars worth of resources for just $29/month. The best part? There are no commitments, so you can use this membership up until you feel you no longer need it



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